Water Activities
  • SUP (Stand up Paddling)
  • Canoeing

    Or open boating as it’s also known is a little more relaxed than Kayaking with usually 2/3 to a boat. The Open / Canadian canoe is immediately distinguishable from a kayak because it is paddled using a single bladed paddle. On a relaxing open boat trip you will get to visit some of the many islands surrounding the beautiful waters of Lough Derg and all with company.

  • Windsurfing

    Windsurfing at ULAC is suitable for all levels; using the progressive ‘Go Windsurfing’ Scheme participants will learn all the skills they require at a pace that suits them. With our modern equipment and under the guidance of our enthusiastic staff we will have you gliding effortlessly over the water before you know it!

  • Sailing

    Take to the water in a dinghy sailing boat! Enjoy learning under the eye of an experienced instructor who will guide you from total beginner to advanced expert! Our 07 fleet is made up of the RS Visions and Feva's and our brand new Phileas Ludic day sailing boat. Using the ISA syllabus you will enjoy the learning experience in total safety.

  • Kayaking

    With both closed cockpits and sit on top kayaks experience what it is like to see some of Lough Derg by kayak. We can teach participants basic introduction strokes right up to more advanced techniques needed for tackling white water. We’ll also throw in a kayak game or two just for the fun.

Land Activities
  • Archery

    The Archery at ULAC takes place in our outdoor range, clients can compete in individual or team events. Competitions can vary from achieving highest score to knockout games and challenges. Archery is a fun activity which involves minimum physical effort but requires co-ordination, balance and a steady hand. The archery challenge is guaranteed to test clients both physically and mentally, in a fun but engaging environment.

  • Team Challanges

    Discover more about yourself and your team-mates while at the same time learning the advantages of planning, co-operation, motivation, support and determination. These tasks will challenge participants both physically and mentally. Most attributes of a successful team will be called upon and one thing is for sure participants will be tested.

  • Low Ropes

    To compliment our already impressive high ropes structure we are now introducing this new Challenge course. This course is designed to compliment our existing high ropes course and provide exciting low level challenges to develop team work or just for fun. The course comprises of a variety of challenges some of which test the individual while others require team skills.

  • High Ropes

    ULAC is home to Munster’s First High Ropes Course. The course is a series of physical adventure challenges requiring a combination of teamwork skills and individual commitment. This aerial obstacle course consists of six individual elements that focus on the individual achievements of participants as they challenge themselves. Physical Safety is ensured through the use of a belay system with ropes, carabineers, harnesses and specialised hardware. With the reassurance of our professionally trained facilitators, every event is about perceived versus actual risk, thus emphasising our policy of ‘Challenge by Choice’.